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Our Approach

Everything we do at Sanctuary Tribe in centered around self-awareness, emotional intelligence and collaboration. Whether you’re working with us on a one to one basis or you’re part of a team, the work we do with you is focused on your own self awareness; your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Emotional intelligence and collaboration also heavily influence our work; we were not designed to survive on our own and building strong relationships, both personally and professionally creates a happy, healthy environment that allows us to thrive. 


We are passionate about the mind and the influence this has over how people think, feel and behave. Our work is dedicated to gaining a deep understanding of yourself and how you interact with others - to do this our work is informed by Neuroscience to understand how our minds work and our ability to re-wire thought patterns. Psychodynamic and Somatic approaches are often used within our coaching sessions and workshops, to enhance self-awareness and DISC psychometric tests help build team awareness.  


All our practices are ethical and evidence based. We care about what we do and the people we work with. Our approach to all things HR and Recruitment related is people focused; effective communication, equal opportunities and respect are the foundations of any good business culture and we ensure this is paramount with everyone we work with. 

Whether you're an individual seeking personal growth or a business looking to inspire and empower your team, our expertise will help you get the results you desire. 

Ready to get started? Explore our services, get in touch and begin your transformative journey with Sanctuary Tribe.

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